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Lugi Camp

lagt inn 8. apr. 2015, 14:02 av Skjalg Andersen   [ oppdatert 8. apr. 2015, 14:02 ]

LUGI Judo Camp 2015

  1. 1,300 SEK (143 EUR) per judoka. Includes all meals (8), training and all activities.
  2. 1,200 SEK (132 EUR) per judoka. Includes 5 meals (no breakfasts), training and all activities.
  3. 900 SEK (99 EUR) per judoka. Includes training and all activities but without meals.
  4. 550 SEK (60 EUR) per responsible coach/leader minimum + 20 years, accompanying parents or others. This fee includes 8 meals and activities.
  5. 550 SEK (60 EUR) per judoka. Veterans and others for evening training sessions (3).
  6. Spectator/accompanied parents, who does not take part in the activities on the mat/camp. No fee. They are not countable for volume pricing (see down below, special discount). You buy separate meal coupons. Order them through our entry form.


From Friday 15 May from 07:30 to Sunday 17 May at 13:30 inclusive.


Viktoriastadion, Lovisastigen 2, 222 41 Lund.


Wednesday 13 May at 18:00-21:00 or Thursday 14 May at 15:00-17:00 or Friday 15 May at 07:30 -09:00.


The training camp is open for all youths and juniors 10-20 years old, and women of all ages.


A minimum of 5th kyu is required for all categories.


We can offer you various types of lodging. From very low price in schools on the floor with your own sleeping bag or to hotels like Hotel Djingis Kahn and Elite Hotel Ideon. Go to Lodging!


All lodgings have to be booked through LUGI Judo to obtain our hotel discounts (ordinary prices are much higher).

Camp fee


Special discounts are available for larger groups. Fill in the reduce price in the entry form, if you are eligible for volume pricing. It will be confirmed shortly after the  registration from us.


  • 10-19 judokas, 10 % of the camp fee
  • 20-29 judokas, 15 % of the camp fee
  • 30-39 judokas, 20 % of the camp fee
  • Over 39 judokas, 25 % of the camp fee


Group picture

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Separate meal coupons are available for 50 SEK (6 EUR) per meal. Order the number of the meals you need in the BUDO-NORD Cup and LUGI Judo Camp sections of the entry form.


Please note!

If you want have meals through us (Fäladsgården) during the competition day, you have to order them through our entry form.